If you’re a fusion cuisine lover, you’ll love the Chinese Sizzlers we have launched recently.

Chinese Sizzlers – A Fusion Cuisine

Fusion cuisine is one that combines different styles of culinary traditions. Fusion cuisine is quite innovative and “Chinese Sizzlers” is one such food that is influenced by Chinese, Indian and American cooking styles.

We have recently launched a few varieties of Chinese Sizzlers. These sizzlers are undoubtedly delicious & sizzling, laden with exotic Chinese flavors and spices.

Currently we are offering Veg Sizzler and Chicken sizzler. In this dish, we top fresh hakka noodles with chicken or veg manchurian and served with garlic mushroom sauce, french fries and sti-fried vegetables. We serve this dish sizzling hot in a sizzler pan.

Please check our menu for more details.