fresh sauce

At Mom’s Biryanis, for our Chinese dishes, we prepare sauces from fresh ingredients every day.

Sauces from fresh ingredients

Majority of commercially available sauces are not made from real food but they are rather a blend of chemicals processed to taste good, induce cravings, but offer you nothing in terms of nutrition.In fact they are harmful to your health.

At Mom’s Biryanis, we do not compromise on food quality by using cheap, synthetic sauces that use harmful chemicals. That is why we prepare important sauces like Schezwan sauce and chilli sauce ourselves using fresh garlic, ginger, kashmiri chillis and other spices. We go an extra mile to enhance the flavor of our dishes, as we believe in healthy cooking.

With a little kitchen wisdom and creativity, we have come up with our own recipes for making sauces that taste far better than the chemical-laden sauces available in grocery stores. Sauces made from high-quality ingredients can be an acceptable part of your overall nutrition plan, enhancing your health as well as your mealtime enjoyment.

So, if you are looking for authentic, freshly prepared Chinese dishes in Navi Mumbai,  you must try Mom’s Biryanis in Seawoods. We even make our sauces fresh every day.