Mom’s Biryanis – Biryanis Online by Kilo

1 Kilo Chicken Biryani = 1 Kilo Chicken + 1 Kilo Raw Rice

Don't get fooled by other Biryani sellers who sell Bulk Biryanis by the total weight of cooked biryani.


Mom’s Biryanis offers authentic dum biryanis prepared in the traditional way. Our chefs take painstaking efforts to gets the taste and flavor in every biryani dish they cook. You can order any quantity and the taste will stay the same.

Next time, when you want to have a party at your home or at your office, you can order Biryanis Online by Kilo from Mom’s biryanis.  We offer Bіrуаnіѕ Online bу Kilo at irresistible prices so that you don’t have to worry about your party expenses anymore.

Please go through the various packages we offer and give us a call at +91-8452020236 for placing your party order.

Veg & Paneer Biryani
veg paneer biryani by kilo
Price 1 Kg: Rs. 600
Chicken Biryani
chicken biryani by kilo
Price 1 Kg: Rs. 700
Prawns Biryani
prawns biryani by kilo
Price 1 Kg: Rs. 1100
Mutton Biryani
mutton biryani by kilo
Price 1 Kg : Rs. 1400
1 Kilo Biryani is good for 7 to 8 persons.
Orders Should be placed at least 6 hours before the desired delivery time.
Orders for Morning Delivery should be placed on the previous day.
Price includes delivery charges.
Please pay 75% of the charges by Paytm and call us to confirm your order.
paytm moms biryanis